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Shamanic Drums 

Frame drum easy to play. Attaches to the back without touching the frame, giving you a great sound. Calfskin. Includes beater.

Pandero chamánico 40cm sintético

Pandero chamánico 40cm sintético

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6408 Pandero chamánico 40cm sintético 162,90 €  add to your order
Shamanic drum

Shamanic drumpuedes ver un video sobre este artículo

Made of goatskin with hair. The hair makes the sound more round, since it removes harmonics. The wood is of beech, very light. They incorporate a system of tuners very simple to use, that consists of knots that are moved simply with the hand. This is very practical, since we can compensate for variations of the tension with the humidity of the weather, and also allows to adjust the sound to taste of each one, being able to make it to sound lower or higher.
Made in Spain.

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5116 30cms. (11.80") diameter - Tunable 107,00 €  add to your order
5115 42cm. (16.53") diameter - Tunable 170,00 €  add to your order
Shamanic drum V. Barral

Shamanic drum V. Barral

Tunable Shamanic frame drum. 36x6 cm with 8 tunners actionable with allen key, with ropes interlaced in the frame to be able to catch it with comfort. Natural medium-thick densigy goat patch that plays bass and low harmonics. Handmade in Spain by Victor Barral.

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6063 Shamanic drum V. Barral 140,00 €  add to your order





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