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Feng Gongs 

They have the same metal thickness throughout. When played, the entire gong responds with a wide range of overtones, which fade faster than on a Tam-Tam. However, they react faster, more powerfully and are more expressive. Includes a mallet.

For centuries the Wuhan Province in China has been producing Chinese TamTams (black-gold-black) and Feng Gongs (gold only). The instrument is commonly used in traditional operas, folk music and in ancient rituals. We carefully sort through thousands of gongs, directly in China, to chose the best gongs for European musical taste. Each gong is marked with an engraving on the back to guarantee the best quality. Feng-Gongs are also called Sun-Gongs. And it is said that some monks from Asian temples had the ability to match their voice to the frequency of the gong, bringing the gong into resonance from a distance of several hundreds of feet.

Feng Gong

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Made in China. With explosive and very open sound. Includes beater.

Ref. Modelo Price:
3092 15cm 35,00 €  add to your order
2983 20cm 42,00 €  add to your order
2982 25cm 47,25 €  add to your order
3100 100cm 1.903,00 €  add to your order
2981 30cm 69,00 €
62,10 €  add to your order
3093 35cm 99,00 €  add to your order
2873 40cm 139,20 €  add to your order
2663 45cm 176,40 €  add to your order
3094 50cm 206,20 €  add to your order
3095 55cm 228,00 €  add to your order
3096 60cm 360,00 €  add to your order
3097 70cm 537,00 €  add to your order
3098 80cm 840,00 €  add to your order
3099 90cm 1.189,00 €  add to your order





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