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Tam tam Gongs 

For centuries the Wuhan Province in China has been producing Chinese TamTams (black-gold-black) and Feng Gongs (gold only). Tam-Tams Gongs are built with a thinner center and a thick edge were the metal is folded back. This design focuses the vibration in the center while the outer edge holds the tone until all the overtones are faded and only the tremble of the deepest foundation tone is audible. Includes a mallet.

The instrument is commonly used in traditional operas, folk music and in ancient rituals. We carefully sort through thousands of gongs, directly in China, to chose the best gongs for European musical taste. Each gong is marked with an engraving on the back to guarantee the best quality.

Many people experience being calmed and focused by the Tam-Tams and inspired to meditate. The bronze used to make the Tam-Tams is mixed with a secret mixture of many metals. The mixture of thed dross with the metal causes the black color. Polishing away the dross from an area makes it gold. While the gongs are polished the metal is hardened through hammering and the center is slightly domed.

Tam tam Gong

Tam tam Gong

Made in China. It has lots of harmonics. The vibration is concentrated at the center. Includes beater.

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