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The mandola (US and Canada) or tenor mandola (Ireland, and UK) is a fretted, stringed musical instrument.

It is to the mandolin what the viola is to the violin: the four double courses of strings tuned in fifths to the same pitches as the viola (C-G-D-A low-to-high), a fifth lower than a mandolin. However, the mandola, though now rarer, is the ancestor of the mandolin, the name of which means simply "little mandola".

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Mandola cases Strings

Ashbury Octave Mandola

Ashbury Octave Mandola

Solid spruce top, solid maple body, rosewood fingerboard, gloss finish.

Ref. Modelo Price:
3360 Ashbury Octave Mandola 511,00 €
485,45 €  add to your order

D'Addario J76 Tenor Mandola

015 .025 .035 .052 - Set / Mandola (8-string)
Phosphor Bronze wound
Medium Tension

Ref. Modelo Price:
0553 D'Addario J76 Tenor Mandola 12,85 €  add to your order
JP Tenor Mandola Strings

JP Tenor Mandola Strings

Phosphor Bronze Wound,
C,G,D,A Tuning

12, 22w, 32w, 49w.
Made in USA.

Ref. Modelo Price:
2032 JP Tenor Mandola Strings 18,20 €  add to your order
JP Octave Mandola, Light

JP Octave Mandola, Light

Phosphor Bronze wound,
Loop end.
012, 020w, 032w, 045w

G, D, A, E tuning.
Made in USA.

Ref. Modelo Price:
2136 JP Octave Mandola, Light 19,00 €  add to your order
APC/450 mandola

APC/450 mandola

Top: Solid Spruce.
Sides & Backs: Solid Sapellie.
Head Machine: Nickel.
Fingerboard: African Blackwood.
Binding: Inlaid & Rosewood binding Top.
Made in Portugal.

Ref. Modelo Price:
5114 APC/450 mandola 295,00 €  add to your order
Tenor mandola bag

Tenor mandola bag

-Tough black nylon outer with 20mm padding.
-External pockets - zip and velcro fastened
-Adjustable backstraps and handle
-Soft padding and red plush interior
-Approx Internal Dimensions:
.Length: 76cm
.Depth: 5cm
.Diameter: 30cm
-Made in: China

Ref. Modelo Price:
4819 Tenor mandola bag 21,20 €  add to your order





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