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Several percussion 

BEK Drum - Proteus

BEK Drum - Proteus

BEK Drum-Proteus, 8 notes: E, G, A, Bb, D, E, G, A, diameter ca. 40cm, high: ca. 20cm,
Incl. mallets

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5674 BEK Drum - Proteus 669,00 €  add to your order
Tepo Tongue Drum 8 Tones

Tepo Tongue Drum 8 Tonespuedes ver un video sobre este artículo

Pentatonic F maj f-a', padouk/pine wood, 24 x 8 x 7.2 inch.

The precisely pentatonic-tuned Profiline tongue drum can be used as a rhythm and melody instrument.
Comes with two mallets.

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4593 Tepo Tongue Drum 8 Tones 298,00 €  add to your order


Traditional rhythmic instrument widely used in the Blues and Country music. It is played with metal thimbles. Beech wood frame and metal center.
Dimensions: 21,65 x 12,80 x 1,40 inch.

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3620 Washboard 79,50 €  add to your order

Aludutenemos un PDF sobre este artículopuedes ver un video sobre este artículo

ALUDU is an aluminum udu drum, the unique design makes it extremely playable and offers a huge range of sounds. Unbreakable and compact it´s very suitable for touring and with it´s built in mic (aditional) it´s the most user friendly udu on the market. The sound is very close to ceramic udus yet even more responsive since the shell is much thinner than a normal udu .The structured coating also opens up for brush sounds and with our new Finger Brush (additional) you have the brush sound within reach whenever you like.

Measurements: 32 x 15cm

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6213 Aludu 390,00 €  add to your order
ANGEL AX-25N2 Glockenspiel

ANGEL AX-25N2 Glockenspielpuedes ver un video sobre este artículo

A quality 25-note Glockenspiel with silver plated sound blocks, encased in a sky-blue plastic carrier case, making this portable instrument ideal for home use and use in schools. The silver plated sound blocks are rested on silicon buffers, to dampen the sound, making the notes reverberate for longer. The case has special holes beneath the sound blocks to help the sound resonate and when the legs of the case are erected, this increases the resonance of the instrument, creating a bright and lasting sound. Comes with 2 round-headed beaters.

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5550 ANGEL AX-25N2 Glockenspiel 25,00 €  add to your order
Set of 8 bells in C Major

Set of 8 bells in C Majorpuedes escuchar este artículo en MP3

Set of 8 tuned bells (from Do5 to C6) - Diatonic play.
Supplied in a cardboard box.

These 2 in 1 bells to shake or to strike each make a note of music.
The colors of these bells make it easy to recognize the range and play a melody.

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6343 Set of 8 bells in C Major 69,50 €  add to your order





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