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Set of 8 bells in C Major
6343: Set of 8 bells in C Major

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Ref.: 6343
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Set of 8 bells in C Major 

Set of 8 tuned bells (from Do5 to C6) - Diatonic play.
Supplied in a cardboard box.

These 2 in 1 bells to shake or to strike each make a note of music.
The colors of these bells make it easy to recognize the range and play a melody.

The bells are well tuned and offer a very high sound quality. Children will discover an original way of playing new melodies or recreating familiar tunes!
Supplied with a partition with the color code of the bells, so it is easy to play all melodies.
Bell: Height 14,5 cm - ø 9 cm

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Set of 8 bells in C Major

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