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Quartz singing bowls - Musical Instruments

Quartz singing bowls

The quartz crystal singing bowls provide a new dimension into the world of vibration and sound. Are based on the traditional use of sound with metal bowls in Tibet, India, China, Japan and other Eastern countries for hundreds of years for meditation and healing. To this end have begun to be used in the late eighties due to its enormous therapeutic power.

Quartz crystals can vibrate or oscillate on a regular basis and have an inner molecular spiral structure (very similar to DNA). This makes the quartz bowls with a unique sonic properties. Produce a pure sine wave and create a multidirectional sound expands to a mile away and can take several minutes before dying. "The sound seems to be an ear, then another, then back later seems to come from the ground. It is a natural surround sound!" This sound passes through our body and makes us tick. The vibrations produced by the quartz crystal bowls activate our cells and penetrate deep into our being. The sound envelops the body like a wave, providing an experience similar to a massage extremely subtle or profound and calm meditation. People who experience the effects of Quartz Bowls describe their experience as a great physical and mental relaxation, floating sensation, wellness, fulfillment ... Important breakouts occur in the physical body and energy, so are used as a powerful therapeutic tool. Quartz bowls effects models: Quartz filling a bowl with water and activating the sound can also see geometric shapes in the water. Given the enormous resonance of the bowl, with increasing intensity water "jump" literally several feet above the bowl as a result of vibration, as if he were in turmoil. This gives us an idea of the effect produced by these instruments into the body, which we know is made in more than 70% water. The Quartz Crystal Bowls opened an important path in the therapeutic field, and have the ability to transport us to the very origin of the Sound. Perhaps his greatest legacy is that, being a vehicle to that great space, in this great mystery that dwells in us. Sound waves produced by the quartz bowls induce a state of great relaxation (the alpha and theta); lead the mind to a calm state so badly needed by modern man. The sound of the bowls consciousness leads to an inner journey, a feeling of fullness and emptiness. What Zen masters call "vacuum filled." Lead us to the inner silence in which to leave the narrow confines of the mind to enter into the peace of mind and experience of our spirit, giving us the opportunity to see the world and ourselves with another perception. Thus, the quartz bowls contain within itself a power that goes far beyond mere musicianship and requires awareness of both our openness to be perceived as proper disposition and intention to use. With the bowl will establish a "personal" relationship heart to heart, mind to mind. Includes mallet and base.

Quartz singing bowl

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Ref. Modelo Price:
4469 20cm diameter 140,00 €  add to your order
4470 25cm diameter 180,00 €  add to your order
4471 30cm diameter 190,00 €
171,00 €  add to your order
4758 35cm diameter 253,00 €  add to your order
4902 40cm diameter 300,00 €  add to your order
4903 45cm diameter 355,00 €  add to your order
Mallet for quartz singing bowl

Mallet for quartz singing bowl

Mallet for quartz singing bowl with rubber ball.
They are used to hit or rub the rim of the bowl.
Length: 7,5"
Ball diameter: 1,6"

Ref. Modelo Price:
5006 7,5" (length) - 1,6" (ball diameter) 15,50 €  add to your order
5100 8" (length) - 2" (ball diameter) 23,45 €  add to your order





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