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Shanti Zaphir Chimes - Musical Instruments

Shanti Zaphir Chimes

the Joy to continue, and create this magic instrument with its rich and harmonic sound, inspired us
to innovate completely the fabrication of the well-known Shanti Chimes.

There are different tunings ; each instrument has a set of 8 metal cords of a different tone-lenght, which are welded with silver  into  a  metal ring. After assembly of the instrument in the resonance-tube it's tuned again. This time by hand, in order to refine still the interaction of tones and overtones into a circular almost endless flow.

Through tight, spiral winding of thin mangled layers of long fiber celluloid, a very strong, thin and flexible resonance tube is obtained with the right acoustic  qualities  for  the warm  timbre and crystalline sound of the Zaphir Chime.

Shanti Zaphir Chimes

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With the concept of the tubular bells, this small instrument achieved in a reduced size a magic loudness. It is a cylinder with metal plates inside perfectly tuned on hitting a crystal ball. Very suitable for creating sound environments conducive for meditation, yoga, music therapy, etc.

Ref. Modelo Price:
5623 Sufi - F A D F A G A D 39,00 €  add to your order
5624 Blue Moon - D F A B C E A# C 39,00 €  add to your order
5626 Crystalide - G A B D A G B D 39,00 €  add to your order
5625 Sunray - G# B C# E G# E A C# 39,00 €  add to your order
5649 Twilitgth - E G B C E G B C 39,00 €  add to your order





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