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Shruti box - Musical Instruments

A shruti box is a small wooden instrument that traditionally works on a system of bellows.

It is similar to a harmonium and is used to provide a drone in a practice session or concert of Indian classical music. It is used as an accompaniment to other instruments and notably the flute.

Shruti box special - medium

Shruti box special - medium

The Shurti is an instrument used to accompany various Indian classical instruments.

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Shrutibox, chromatic pro

Shrutibox, chromatic propuedes ver un video sobre este artículo

Shrutibox, chromatic, C3-C4 pro
Measures: 40,5 x 31 x 6,5cm.
Very good finish. Great value for price.
Padded bag included.

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5997 Shrutibox, chromatic pro 265,00 €  add to your order





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