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The tar is a bendir with rattles. The frame is wider and has a hole for a better holding introducing thumb through it. All these tars are manufactured by Victor Barral, builder recognized internationally for its good work and STI tensor system with patent pending. It is a new concept in clamping mechanism of percussion instruments. The novelty lies in accommodating the clamping ring inside the timber. This allows the tensors remain hidden from view, making it easier to play because they do not bother playing time. Acting on these tensors with a simple Allen wrench can fix in an instant the drum head.

Celthair Tar - tunable

Celthair Tar - tunable

Frame drum with snare and jingles. Frame built with 4-ply birch of 3 mm. superimposed. 8 tension points with a distance of 20 mm. Specially selected goatskin drumhead With hole in the frame for better grip with your thumb. The snare can slacken, so if we play with a certain angle, do not rub the skin and its effect disappears. Manufactured by Victor Barral. Made in Spain. Made in Spain.

Ref. Modelo Price:
3075 frame 12cm x 36cm diameter 176,80 €  add to your order
3074 frame 12cm x 40cm diameter 187,20 €  add to your order
3073 frame 12cm x 44cm diameter 192,40 €  add to your order
3072 frame 12cm x 50cm diameter 208,00 €  add to your order





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